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Do it Yourself Plastic (Rain) Barrel

One 55 gallon barrel, brass spigot, 3 overflow/drip line fittings, 3 adapters. You will have to cut the hole in the top and modify a screen of your choice and drill the holes for the spigot and overflows.


Half Oak Barrel Planter

Half of a whiskey barrel for that perfect planter or miniature pond.


Oak Barrel

Whiskey Barrel. Do whatever your hearts desire to this whole whiskey barrel. Make a planter, rain barrel or your own scotch.


Plastic Rain Barrel

55 gallon plastic rain barrel with a brass spigot, two overflows and a drain/drip line at the bottom.


Whiskey Rain Barrel

Oak Rain Barrel with brass spigot, two overflows and a drip/drain fitting at the bottom.